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Bote Rover PaddleSkiff MicroSkiff

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In order to make your mark on the world, you often have to make a voyage from the familiar into far off places where few have ventured or even dared. These journeys are necessary to discover our true selves and grow our knowledge of the world around us. We have developed a platform that will help you take that journey. A BOTE like no other, that will take you farther, faster than anything we have ever created.





Rover evolved from the most innovative paddle boards on the planet, and was designed as a paddle board first. It’s channeled, Deep-V nose design quietly slices through the water and paddles efficiently through a variety of water conditions.


Rover’s modular Rac Receiver System allow you to configure rover in a multitude of configurations by simply sliding the Rac of your choosing into the receiver in a matter of seconds. No tools required.




It’s a stand up paddle board. It’s a microskiff. It’s everything in between. No matter what you call it, one thing’s for sure, it’s a BOTE. The Rover’s revolutionary modular Racs allow you to go from paddle to power in seconds.


The Moto Rac is the core feature of the Rover. It is the single accessory that makes the leap from paddle to power. By simply inserting the Moto Rac into the integrated receivers, your rover is ready to ride. The Moto Rac is engineered with 2 rod holders and two 1 gallon Rotopax™ mounts.


A newly engineered feature for the Rover is the Grab Rac. Insert into any of the Rac Receivers to further enhance your adventure. Use it as support while running or as you move around the deck. Nylon molle loops are riveted to the marine grade aluminum risers to allow for multiple gear attachment points. The BVA foam hook caddy will keep your go-to flies and lures easily accessible.


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With a recommended maximum 6 HP Four Stroke outboard, Rover will run like a scalded dog reaching speeds of 16 miles per hour getting you where you want to be faster than any BOTE we’ve ever made.


The Rover has a large range, allowing you to get to places you never thought possible on a paddle board. The Moto Rac is equipped with mounting points to add additional water, gasoline or first aid kits using the Rotopax™ Mounting System. Extend your range by hundreds of miles by adding additional Rotopax™.


When under power, the Rover is designed to lift the nose out of the water which provides a smoother ride and tighter turning.


With an extremely shallow draft, the Rover can practically float in spit. Requiring only inches of water you can access places no regular boat would dare venture.


While paddling, the Rover lies down flat and allows the Deep-V nose to do it’s thing, carve through the water with silent efficiency. With the motor trimmed up, Rover will float in 3” of water with 220lb load (Person, Gear, and Motor).


Once you’ve arrived at your destination, Rover can seamlessly transform into a silent stalker. Creep into the shallowest of sloughs using the included carbon fiber paddle or pole your way with the foot end of a Sandspear while making your way further off the grid.




Rover has benefited from BOTE’s years of experience as a leading innovator of paddle craft and features a channeled, Deep-V nose design to efficiently slice through the water. The included Carbon/Fiberglass Axe Edge Adjustable Paddle–one of the lightest, strongest adjustable paddles on the market–allows you to paddle further with less fatigue. Equipped with a Paddle Sheath in the nose of the board, quickly sheath your paddle to free up your hands for casting or taking a sip of that cold one.


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The foot end of our optional Sandspear shallow water anchor is the perfect push pole getting you silently through the even the most shallow waterways without making a peep. And when you’re in position, drive the spike end into one of the through holes in the deck of the board to stop on a dime and hold position while you cast. When not in use, lash the Sandspear to the deck using the included Lash Points or wedge it between the optional Vertebre rail attachments.





The BOTE vertebrae push pole rollers are the perfect way to stow your Sandspear along the rail of the rover. The vertebrae simply screw into the offset ConnexSUP attachment points along either rail and the Sandspear nestles in between them.



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The Power Pole® Micro™ wireless shallow water anchor system is a fisherman’s best friend. Slide up on your fishing spot in dead silence and use the anchor to keep your position regardless of current or wind. Rover has mounting points for the Micro™ on both sides of the board. BOTE’s Sandspear is interchangeable with the Power-Pole® Micro™ anchor.


When it comes to transporting your Rover, you’ve got options. Not only does it fit in your garage, but you can load it in the back of your truck, load it on roof racks or tow it with a trailer. Wheel Racs will get Rover from truck to shore with ease.


After a long day adventuring on the water it would be nice to have an easy way to transport your Rover back to your vehicle or storage area. Enter the Wheel Rac. Easily slip the Wheel Rac into the hull receivers and rock & roll. With the oversized balloon tires, the rover will glide over almost any terrain with minimal effort.


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