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Aqua Hippie Better Bully Lobster Bullynet

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Upgrade your night lobstering game. Bully netting with the Better Bully gives you the edge up on the bugs. 

  • Extra deep poly net with long positioning cord
  • Telescoping handle to 10 foot legal limit
  • Sturdy aluminum and stainless construction
  • Solid aluminum hoop
  • Removable hoop for easy storage
  • Spring loaded flex hoop for angled catches
  • Bragging rights when you limit out faster than your friends
Before use:
1. Check hoop to insure that all four white lock-ins protrude through the pole.
2. Extend pole to desired length and tighten threaded locking cam.
CAUTION: Do not over tighten locking cam or over extend pole as it can separate.

Recommended use:
1. If possible maneuver boat directly over the lobster
2. Hold position cord until net is fully submerged then release before hoop contacts bottom trapping the lobster.
3. When lobster kicks outside of the hoop diameter attempting to escape, quickly pull net straight up in a continuous motion until hoop is above waterline. Failure to react quickly may allow time for the lobster to escape and potentially subject you to ridicule from the other passengers.
4. When attempting angled catches make sure pole is on the backside of the hoop and press firmly down to seal hoop to the bottom.
CAUTION: Do not use as push pole.

After use storage:
1. Remove hoop from pole and rinse thoroughly with fresh water inside and out.
2. Loosen cam lock and lubricate threads.
3. Store out of the elements and it will be as ready as you are for next season.